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rebecca inch-partridgeHappy New Year:

As part of this year’s resolution to put my writing out there more, I’m participating in the Auburn Storytelling Fest on January 27th. I’ll be helping out behind the scenes in the morning and trying my hand at telling a story during the open mic portion of the event in the afternoon. Wish me luck! No manuscripts or notes are allowed. I’ll be reciting my story, “Wallet,” which won the Gold County Writers100 Short Story Contest last year. Hopefully, I can memorize 100 words.

As of 2018, I’ve added the quote of the month to the footer of this website. The first one comes out of THE WEEK magazine. It’s from novelist Annie Proulx. “The happy ending beckons, and it is in great hope of grasping it that we go on.”

My novel, SURVIVING THE FALL is available for free. This story is about a family overcoming seemingly unsurmountable odds and trying to do the right thing even when it’s costly. Click here to read the first two chapters. Then sign up for the Chapter of the Week Club and you’ll get the rest of my nuclear apocalyptic survival story sent to you.

For teens, my second annual Young Adult Science Fiction Writing Contest is open until the end of February. I’m looking for a few good short stories written by aspiring writers between the ages of 13 and 19. First prize is $50 and publication on my website for a year. This year, I’ve included an art contest as well. If you’re a teen author or artist, I hope your consider entering. If you know one, I hope you’ll pass on the information.

Events 2018:

Open Telling at Auburn Storytelling Fest 2:45 to 4:445 on Satuday, January 27th

Reading at Open Mike for the Spoken Word: Saturday, February 28th, at the Auburn Library


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May the coming year be good to you and your loved ones!

Rebecca Inch-Partridge


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