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Happy Thanks Giving:

First, I want to give thanks for my husband, Ernie, who has always believed in me and supported me as I pursue my writing career.

Next, I’ve launched my chapter of the week club for my newest book, SURVIVING THE FALL. This nuclear apocalyptic survival novel has really made me see just how much we take for granted every day--from runing water to having enough to feed our families. I hope you’ll take a moment to read the first couple chapters that are available on this site.

Learn more about SURVIVING THE FALL

On November 15th I’ll be launching my second annual Young Adult Science Fiction Writing contest. You can read last year’s winning stories by clicking here. This year, I’ll be including an art contest as well.

Finally, for those who didn't get enough scary this Halloween, you can listen to my short story, “Do No Harm.” While it’s not horror, it is a frightening look at what might happen if we use downloads of ourselves as a way to travel to other worlds.

I’ll be adding new content to the site each month, so make sure to check back in. If you’d like an e-mail notice when I’ve added something new, please become a member and sign up for the newsletter. No spam, I promise! I hate having my inbox cluttered with it, and I’m sure you do too.  
Thanks for visiting ripartridge.com. Come back soon. And I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanks Giving!

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