2017 Winners of Teen SF Writing Contest

Here are the winning stories from the 2017 Teen Science Fiction Writing Contest. Just click on the title and enjoy!


First Place -  “The Tower” by Joshua Hay

Best friends, Werner and Reggie, seek adventure in the forbidden places of an alien planet. They find more than they bargained for. Could what they discovery save their struggling colony? Maybe, but at what cost?

Second Place-  “Hidden Beauty” by Macy Lynch

When a test pilot from the Planet of Perfection crash lands on Earth he finds a world of chaos. But within the chaos is something beautiful--the human spirit. Will it be enough to save him from those trying to capture him?

Tied for Third Place – “Wildest Dreams Ruined” by  Zoe Star Harwood

Most authors dream of seeing their fictitious universe come to life. After being kidnapped by the villain in his novel,  Alai Casterwood learns his world is not at all what he’d imagined. It’s a dangerous place full of characters who want to kill him.

 Tied for Third Place - “Midnight Promenade” by Brenn Haydon

Jensen and Maggie head out for the prom. But their evening is ruined by a dangerous storm and an unexplained phenomenon that’s being reported as a UFO. What’s the truth behind the mysterious light? More importantly, do they really want to know?

The 2018 Teen Science Fiction Writing Contest is open to submissions from November 15, 2017 to January 31, 2018.

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