I recently worked as editor for an anthology of stories told by four people who lived through World War II. I’ve posted one of the stories from Reflections of World War II on my site. It’s a great tale about a high school kid helping to deliver the special edition newspaper on December 7, 1941. Just click on “Extra! Extra!” to read it.

My science related blog articles can be read at Biotechnology Calendar Inc. website. These articles cover a wide range of research studies being done at universities across the U.S.  As a science fiction author, this has been an amazing opportunity to cover ground-breaking research.

Some of my more interesting articles include:

UC Davis Recieves $11.5M in Funding for Fragile X Research

Texas A&M: 3D Printed Bone the Future of Facial Surgery

Texas Medical Center Pioneers New Brain Cancer Treatment

Texas Medical Center Researchers Closer to Cause of Huntington's

$10.3M in Alzheimer's Research Funding Awarded to University of Arizona

Angelman Syndrome Treatment on Horizon Due to UC Davis Research Grants

Texas A&M Gains Research Funding to Study Post-Traumatic Epilepsy

Breast Cancer Research Breakthrough at UI Urbana-Champaign

UCLA Pioneers New Approach to Coma Treatment

Researchers at Columbia University Find Ways to Reduce Damage Done by Strokes

Research at U Wisc-Madison May Make Botox Treatments Safer

UIC: New Treatment Option For Type 1 Diabetes Brings Research Funding

OSU Researcher Creates Home Based Test Strips for Cancer and Malaria

3D Printed Liver Tissue Leads to $30M NIH Bioresearch Grant for UCSD