About Rebecca Inch-Partridge aka R.I. Partridge

Rebecca Inch-Partridge has always loved science fiction and writing. In 3rd grade she combined those loves into a story about a bionic woman, called Saver Rebecca, meeting Captain Kirk and flying off into space. In 5th grade she wrote and directed a Star Wars play. In high school, she wrote the first novel set in the Paraxous Star Cluster, a group of planets that exist only in her imagination.

After high school, Rebecca worked as an emergency medical technician in the San Francisco Bay Area. This served as the inspiration for her futuristic paramedic stories such as “Some Things Never Change.”  This was her first story published. It appeared in Hadrosaur Tales in 1999. Her other day jobs have included coordinating and teaching an after school program, being a social worker for the developmentally disabled, and serving as the activities director at a senior living community. Meanwhile, she got married and had a son. She also obtained her bachelor’s degree from William Jessup University with dual majors: Management and Ethics—which she insists is not an oxymoron--and Bible and Theology.

She has had several stories and non-fiction articles published over the years. Her story “Regretting the Moon” is available in the latest issue of Nova Science Fiction Magazine. Last year, she landed her first regular writing gig. She writes articles for Biotechnology Calendar Inc. about research being conducted at university laboratories across the U.S. Some of the break-throughs she covers are things straight out of science fiction.

Events 2017:

Reading at Art Bistro in Rocklin: Tuesday, March 21st at 6:30 P.M.

Panelist at BayCon 2017: Friday, May 26th - Monday, May 29th in San Mateo


Over the years, her love for the characters and stories of the Paraxous Cluster continued to grow until she had to get them out of her head and onto paper. It is an ambitious project that will take years to complete. She is currently shopping the first book, Captured, around to agents and editors, while working on the third draft of book two. It's a young adult science fantasy about a Twyla, a genetically engineered teenager who is fighting her mother's efforts to turn her into a psychic vampire.

If you’d like to be notified when Captured is published, click the "subscribe" tab above. Rebecca in the type of writer who thrives on feedback, so feel free to contact her at rebeccainchpartridge@gmail.com

Rebecca recently had the honor of serving on the Placer County Grand Jury. She learned a lot about how our local government and special districts work. Click View 2015-2016 Final Report to view it in PDF format.