SURVIVING THE FALL: Chapter of the Week Club


apocalyptic science fiction

Thank you for your interest in my novel and the Chapter of the Week Club. I’m looking for beta readers for my new novel, Surviving the Fall. This nuclear apocalyptic tale follows Irene Wallace and her family as they struggle to survive the end of civilization. Here’s the blub:

After three weeks in their makeshift bomb shelter, Irene and the surviving members of her family emerge to a land of death and dying. Now the question is: how will she and her husband keep their family alive? What are they willing to do to feed and defend their loved ones? These are questions all survivors must face. It’s what makes every stranger who approaches a threat and every scavenging expedition a huge risk.

The first chapter is available on this website. After reading them, I hope you’ll sign up for the chapter of the week club. I’ve tried to keep the sign up process simple. Just by creating a log in and becoming a member of, you’ll automatically become a member of the Chapter of the Week Club. So be sure to use the e-mail address you want the chapters sent to when creating your account. Once you've subscribed, you'll receive an e-mail with chapter two. Then, as the name implies, you’ll receive a chapter each week starting on the third Saturday of the month. The first group will start on Saturday, October 21st. 

In exchange for receiving a free copy of Surviving the Fall a chapter at a time, all I ask is a little feedback. When you’ve finished a chapter simply click the rating 1 through 5 stars. And of course, if you like the book, I hope you’ll buy a copy once it’s released by a traditional publisher.

Thanks again for your interest in Surviving the Fall.  Please take a moment to sign up for my Chapter of the Week Club. If you are already a member of R.I. Partridge and want to join the Chapter of the week club simply log in here and click the button to add it to your membership. 

apocalyptic science fiction

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