Conventions 2016

One of the conventions I enjoy going to is LosCon.  It's wonderful getting to meet great writers like Eric Flint, Laurie Tom, Todd McCaffrey, and Tim Powers

I must admit that I went a little fan-girl when I got the chance  to talk with Larry Niven, the author of Ring World and lots of other great science fiction books. 

There are also a bunch of other aspiring writers, fans and scientists who are a heck of a lot of fun to hang out with and that are game for just about anything. 

This is me with two such ladies. When the live radio show crew couldn't make it, we looked up a script from the old X-1 Science fiction radio drama and put on our own show.   

The conversations at science fiction conventions are like none other. During a discussion about mythological creatures, someone in a kirin costume showed up. Also in the picture are Trish Henry, Juliette Wade,Greg Castro, and Lex Rudd.

One panel I always make a point of going to is "A Shot Rang Out." Here several writers take turns making up a story and their turn does not end until they manage somehow to incorporate the movie quote they draw from the box. 

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