Genra-LA 2017

The Genre-La conference started with agents and publishers discussing what to do and what not to do when pitching your novel at conferences and conventions.

Some examples of what not to do included pitching to agents and publishers while in the bathroom. I know it's hard to believe but apparently it does happen. 

Among the established writers who offered their insights was Tim Powers. His novel, On Stranger Tides was the basis for the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie. 

Another of the wonderful authors on panels at Genre-LA was Howard V. Hendrix. This is me talking him into sending me the rough draft of one of his short stories in the hopes collaborating with him. It would be an awesome opportunity for me.

Author, Robert J. Sawyer delivered one of the best keynote speaker addresses I have ever heard. He discussed the pros and cons of traditional and indie publishing in a very concise and matter of fact way that was useful to the many aspiring writers in the audience.


One of my favorite things about attending conferences and conventions is discovering great authors like Robert J. Sawyer. I look forward to reading his book, Quantum Night.

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