Short Stories

I've posted a few of previously published stories that you can read for free.

"Do No Harm" is the cautionary tale of what might go wrong when we travel to other worlds by downloading a copy of ourselves into android hosts. If you prefer to listen to "Do No Harm", it is available in audio format.

In “Some Things Never Change” paramedic Jerusha struggles to save her first alien patient. But will she be willing to break the rules and risk her career to keep Ambassador Melore alive?

"A Hell of a Night," is the sequel to "Some Things Never change." In this futuristic paramedic story Jerusha now works on an alien world. She's delivered many babies, both Human and Alien, but she's never dealt with real-life reincarnation before...until now. 

"Imagination” is what happens when an author spends so many years creating her own fictitious universe that it becomes real. Despite any similarities to me and my writing, I promise none of this ever happened. "Imagination",is also available in audio format.

Other stories will be added after January. So be sure to check back, or to be notified each month when new content is added make sure to subscribe.


Rebecca Inch-Partridge

P.S. Don’t forget to check out my non-fiction as well. I’ve just added, "Extra! Extra!" a story I edited for a World War II anthology.