Teen Science Fiction Writers and Artists Contest

The 2018 Teen Science Fiction Writers and Artists Contest is Now Open.

Fledgling writers often need encouragement. They’re told time and time again, “Being a professional writer is a nice dream, but you’ll need a day job to pay the bills” It is true that getting traditionally published is difficult and trying to make money by indie-publishing is a risky proposition. That does not mean that you should give up writing. In fact, if it is in your blood, you won’t be able to quit. I believe all the above holds true for artists as well.

So in the hopes of inspiring some young authors to keep writing, I am offering a $50 prize to the first place winner of my Teen Science Fiction Writing Competition. Second and third place winners, will receive $35 and $20 respectively. Their short stories will also be featured on my website for one year. I hope this will encourage teen authors to take a chance and submit their writing. After all, you’ll never get professionally published if you don’t submit your work.  

This year, I’m adding a competition for artists. Specifically, I’m looking to feature a Teen artist’s cover image of my short story “Do No Harm.” This will be used both on this website and when I put the audio story up on my YouTube Channel coming in March. The winner will receive $50. It must be an original piece of work and must be submitted electronically.  Please see the guideline listed on the contest rules page.

Short stories and art must be submitted between November 15th and February 28th.

Please read some of the stories by last year's winners before entering. 

For contest rules and information on how to enter click the link below:

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